DO-Series Tri-Color Double Line Indoor Programmable LED Sign (6" X 77.5")

Series: Double Line Series
Product Name: Double Line LED Programmable Display Sign
Indoor Dot Matrix LED Type & Semioutdoor Ultra Bright LED Type
Available Color for Tricolor: RG Type
Available Single Color: RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, WHITE

High Bright Dot Matrix Type LED (Indoor) / Ultra Bright LED Type
Resolution: 96×16, 128×16, 192×16, 256×16
Average Power Consumption: 3.2~13.4W for Indoor / 5.5~25.6W for Semioutdoor
Display Dimension: 6″ Height x 30″~78″ Length
Total Dimension: 4″ Height x 28″~76″ Length
Memory Storage: 2000 Characters for Font 16 & 4000 Characters for Font 7
Cyclic, Scroll, Explode, Pacman, Fall, Shoot, Flash, Random, etc., Up to 25 Modes
Programming Methods: Software / Wireless Remote Control (Both Included)
8 Speed, 10 Pauses, 3 Beeps, 8 Fonts
Import and Export of Graphics
Time & Date
Schedule Message Program Available
Protocol Available
TCP/IP Available
Warranty: 1 Year
*Package Includes Display Sign, Wireless Remote Control with AAA Batteries, UL Approved Universal Transformer 100~240VAC with Power Plug, CD (Software & Manuals), RS232 Serial Cable (25′), Brackets.