Quality Assurance

Quality Service

At Affordableled.com, we firmly believe in providing quality products with quality services. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with every step of the shopping experience to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our lead time may be longer than average, but that is only because we extensively test out our signs before we ship them out.

Affordableled.com ensures that all new products are of high-quality -- from development, planning, design, and manufacturing to sales and after-sales service:

  • We continuously improve product and service quality, as well as safety. We also make sure to respond to problems quickly.
  • Competent members of staff are appointed to each product and business group to spearhead quality assurance initiatives.
  • We create corporate quality standards applicable to all Affordable LED products, such as product safety and performance, labeling, and services. All of which are continuously updated to adapt to technological advances.
  • Affordable LED aims to provide reliable products and services through overall quality enhancement initiatives, such as offering products that are of top-grade quality and providing the best customer service possible.

We encourage customers to give feedback. With these suggestions, complaints, and malfunction reports, we will be able to make the necessary changes and improvements to cater to customers’ needs.

Affordableled.com values our customers’ trust, confidence, and satisfaction. That said, management strives to prevent quality-related problems. In the case of a product issue, rest assured that we will quickly respond to it.