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Light has long fascinated mankind and the man-made light source had gone a long way since Edison. The latest trend of light source belongs to LED, a semiconductor light source that emits light in a far more efficient and cost-effective way than candescent lights. What exactly is LED? LED is short for Light Emitting Diode, a multi-color light source that emits color lights based on the movement of electrons in a semiconductor. Different chemicals produce different colors in LEDs: it can be either infrared or visible.

LED has long been in many electronic goods including cameras, digital clocks, televisions and more. In particular, its presence in the retail world is ever prevalent with outdoor and indoor LED Signs. Lighted signage creates an additional visual effect which further distinguishes itself from traditional signs, making it a more effective advertising tool. LED has a variety of applications in outdoor signs: from a LED display, electronic business signs, and custom signs, to channel letter signs, its versatility is indisputable. is a LED Sign manufacturer that specializes in indoor and outdoor signs. wholesales LED signs since 1990 and is known for its quality products, every-day low prices, and friendly services.

Open Sign

The Open Sign is the top product of all the LED sign solutions we manufacture. We practically have available a matching Open Sign solution for any business establishment you may own. For example, we have an Open Sign for your ice cream parlor, your coffee shop, your beauty parlor, your flower shop, and so on. Feel free to browse for the Open Sign that fits your business anytime on our site.


A high quality LED sign is not only bright but also has a wide light-spread angle. Our LED signs come with a higher diode density, making them much brighter than average signs. The more LED bulbs placed on the sign, the brighter the sign is to the viewers. Spreading the light to 180 degrees, our LED lights can be seen from all angles and direction.


While it is true that there is no free lunch, your economic professor omits to tell you that a good lunch does not have to cost too much either. The price tag is not always the best indicator of a product's quality, and it is especially true with our LED products. Bypassing the third party distributor, purchasing directly from the LED manufacturer is the safest bet in procuring a good deal on your LED signs.


At, we firmly believe in providing quality products with quality services. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with every step of the shopping experience to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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