Mobile App-Controlled Programmable LED Sign

High-Resolution LED Programmable Sign (Mobile App-Controlled)

Experience the future of signage with our High-Resolution LED Programmable Sign (Mobile App-Controlled), the ultimate solution for captivating LED digital displays. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, these mobile app programmable signs are perfect for businesses of all types, including restaurants, bars, schools, clinics, small shops, churches, car dealerships, and more. Their sleek, slim design makes them lightweight and easily portable, offering unparalleled convenience for any business owner.



The weight of this display is exceptionally light, comprising only 15-20% of a standard LED display's weight


Sturdy and resistant to bumps and scratches, this item exhibits remarkable durability


Resistant to splashing water: IP Rating of 54 & 65


This display boasts a maximum brightness of 2500-3000 nits and offers 32 distinct levels of brilliance.


Directly connects to 100-240VAC, this device eliminates the need for an external power adapter.


Manage your content and control multiple devices effortlessly using the mobile app.


Not only can you control a single device on-site, but you can also remotely manage multiple devices.

Full Color Display

LED full-color display technology enables the playback of text, images, dynamic graphics, videos, and various other content types.


Easy Programming

The app offers editing capabilities for text, images, animations, and videos, supporting various file formats such as txt, bmp, jpg, tif, png, gif, mp4, and more.

Advanced Management

The app enables real-time device control or scheduling device operation.

Enhanced Connectivity

Seamlessly links to your mobile iOS devices & some Android devices. (Only supports 2.4G networks)

Intelligent Screen

You can remotely adjust the screen brightness or opt for automatic adjustment based on the ambient lighting.

Smart Playback

You can design custom programs, which can then be stored directly on the device or uploaded to the cloud for access on one or multiple devices.

Add Device

Device Control

Program Management

Program Editing

Android App

Android User Manual

*Not Compatible with Samsung Phones


IOS User Manual