4 Inch. LED Recessed Downlight (Set of 2)

Light fixtures that are installed in the ceiling to shine down on the space below are called "downlights." LED downlight fixtures are designed to work with LED light bulbs. Our downlight delivers significant savings when compared to standard incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs also produce a lot less heat, which makes them safer as well. Since LEDs have much longer lifespans than other bulbs, lasting up to TEN times longer, they will very rarely have to be replaced, saving you the time and energy of purchasing another light bulb for years to come.
•High luminous efficiency >70lm/W Avg,energy saving more than 80% of the energy cost of electricity use.
•Green environmental protection:no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, comply with RoHS requirements.
•Long life: 50000 hours lumens maintaining rate 75%.
•No stroboscopic: starting fast, flicker-free, protect your eyes.
•Installation (embedded) is simple, flexible to meet different needs.
•Luminous uniform, no spot.
•Safe low voltage, small power consumption

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