2-IN-1 Bluetooth Mesh LED Controller

2-IN-1 Bluetooth mesh LED controller is a kind of multi-type led controller that contains RGBW/RGB+CCT 2 kinds of controller inside it. It uses the latest Bluetooth Mesh module and Bluetooth networking technology. It uses low power consumption both-way communication Bluetooth mesh chip to make sure the controller has a longer distance. The latest APP interface design makes the operation of color adjustment, brightness adjustment, and saturation adjustment easier and faster. The main functions are color and saturation adjustment, brightness adjustment, custom mode, timer, group, scene, call reminder, microphone, and so on. This controller has the power off memory function. The next time it is turned on, it will start with the previous settings. It is mainly used to control all kinds of constant voltage-led products, such as LED sources, flexible strips, wall washers, glass curtain wall lights, and so on.

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