Controller for RGB LED Modules with DMX512 Compatible

HM-12RGB8A3-DMX512 Multifunction Full-color Controller is dedicated to control color changes of Led lights with 4-pin 3-loop cables (common anode), this compact unit has a small LCD panel, we adopt hi-performance micro processor as its core part with powerful function, built-in DMX512 decoder (3 addresses) & up to 34 color changing modes. This unit can run standalone or networking with multi controller, or work with DMX 512 console to receive signals.
•34 color jumping, color smooth patterns, each pattern’s parameter can be configured separately.
•LED light dimming or color-depth selecting with 0-100 dimming levels per RGB.
•Edit auto running Mode & choose designated pattern.
•Supports universal DMX512 protocol, remote control with exterior DMX512 devices.
•Built-in a DMX512 Decoder (3 addresses).
•Used separately or connected to HM-12RGB8A3-EX power extension module, unlimited quantities, to have an unlimited power extension output
•All led lights can be controlled by operating the function button on the main controller, easy and flexible when net working.
•Auto store parameter, don’t need repeat configuration next time.
•Restore default parameter(ex-factory parameter)