Limited Warranty & Return Policy

Affordableled.com warrants new LED Product from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and proper installation only. This warranty is limited to the replacement of defective LED within noticed period and electrical parts provided the defect occurred within noticed period of usage from the date of purchase and provided the product is returned or notified immediately to Affordableled.com. To qualify for warranty service, the receipt or invoice must be identified the date of purchase. At the option of the Affordableled.com, the warranty may be prorated, and a purchase price credit may be applied. This credit can only be applied to purchase of the new Affordableled.com LED product(s).

Affordableled.com will at its options, repair or replace it. This warranty shall not apply to any charge back labor if caused by customer’s improper installation, usage, or any part which is used for a purpose for which it is not designed for which shall have been repaired or altered in any way so as to affect adversely its performance and reliability, an shall this warranty apply to any part which has been subject to misuse, neglect, vandalism, accident, failure to follow installation instructions, or Acts of God. Purchaser assumed all risk and liability for incidental and consequential damage resulting from installation and use of Affordableled.com products.

Exchange option is not offered in this Limited Warranty. Please contact the salesperson to request if exchange of the item is available.

For any return to Affordableled.com, an official RMA form including RMA # provided by Affordableled.com is required for acceptance of the return at Affordableled.com’s site. Without RMA form including RMA#, the return may be invalid, voided, or unaccepted.

Full or a part of the returning shipping cost may be covered by Affordableled.com on defects, the customer must report the problem within 48 hours of the receipt which requires tracking number from the transportation or freight company, item number or bar code on the item or package, invoice of purchase, and packing slip.

Before returning an Affordableled.com product(s), the customer should contact Affordableled.com by email, or phone call, for assistance in obtaining warranty service. Affordableled.com is not responsible for the freight of return. Damage which occurs during transit is not covered by this warranty. This needs to be resolved with the transportation or freight company which is the shipper’s responsibility to contact the shipping company. The shipping damage occurred for Drop-Shipping from Affordableled.com site, Affordableled.com will coordinate with the transportation or freight company to resolve the problem.

You may only cancel an order within only if the unit has not already been shipped. If your order has already shipped by the time and you made the cancellation request, you must go through the return process and will be subjected to a minimum of 25% restocking fee plus any shipping cost involved in the cancellation. In the case for any backorder, if there is any cancellation during the order process, the customer is subject to a 25% restocking fee. Refusal of the shipment from the carrier will cause a two-way shipping charge. Affordableled.com suggest that you accept the order and then proceed through our normal return process.This returning policy is only available for Affordableled.com’s STANDARD ITEMS. The shipping cost is responsible for the purchaser who made the cancellation.

Privacy Policy

Affordableled.com is committed to protecting your privacy, and your personal information is our highest priority. This policy applies to information we collect from you when you use our website and how your information is being used. It is recommended that customers review our privacy policy practice from time to time.

The information collected from you is used to help us define and enhance your shopping experience. It helps us understand the demands of our products and run tailored promotions that interest you or other customers. We do not disclose any customer information (including email addresses) to third parties, except for shipping partners that help fulfill your orders and notify you of shipments. By visiting Affordableled.com, you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

How we collect your information

We collect various pieces of information about you for the purchasing process. Here are some examples of the type of information we collect from you:


Contact information such as telephone, email address, billing address or shipping address

Type of business you operate

Tax ID

Business permit number

We collect the above information through communicating and interacting with you on our website such as completing a purchase on our website, calling us on the phone, live chat, creating an online account, signing up for our newsletters, communicating with us through our social media platforms, and by participating in sweepstakes, contests, promotions, or surveys. It is optional to provide all the information that we request. However, if you withhold information, we may not be able to fully provide all the services you need.

How we use your information

The information we collect from you is used to provide the products or service that may interest or enhance your shopping experience. We also shape our marketing promotions or related activities based on the information you provide. Furthermore, we also use your information for purchasing research or conducting studies with our company for customers' shopping preferences and habits.


We use "cookies" to improve your shopping experience when you visit Affordableled.com. Cookies are small pieces of information that your web browser stores on your computer when you visit a website. Our cookies allow us to personalize your shopping experience when you visit Affordableled.com and recognize you when you return. For example, when you add items to your cart and leave our website, your items will still be in the cart when you return. The information collected from these cookies may be used for the purposes laid out above in this privacy policy. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you may disable cookies on your computer by changing your browser’s preferences or options menus. Disabling cookies may affect your shopping experience on Affordableled.com


Terms & Agreement

Please review the following terms and conditions (‘Term of Use’) before browsing or using Affordableled.com.

Products, Content, and Specifications

All features, content, specifications, products/prices, images, and services described or illustrated on this site are subject to change at any time without notice. Affordableled.com is not responsible for any errors on the website. If you would like to report any errors, please email sales@Affordableled.com. Affordableled.com does not guarantee products or services displayed on this site will be available at any time. Your use of our website constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.


All materials and content including but not limited to product descriptions, images, web pages, or designs on this site are owned by Affordableled.com. By using this website, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. You may use this site for your personal use but may not copy, reproduce, transfer, distribute, translate, modify, share, or make available to any person.

Intellectual Property Rights

All contents published on Affordableled.com, with the exception of information acquired from third-party sources, is copyrighted by Affordableled.com. No content may be reproduced by any means, in part or whole without the written consent of Affordableled.com

Third Party Links

Affordableled.com may share or display third party links for your convenience. Affordableled.com is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any links to other websites. Once leaving our online store, we cannot be held accountable for any objectionable material featured on other sites.

Online Security

Affordableled.com ensures that customers have a secure payment process. We have installed SSL certificates to our server which establishes a secure connection between you and our server. All payment information you enter will be transmitted securely. We accept credit cards as a form of payment. We do not keep your credit card information on file.

Fraud Prevention Methods

At Affordableled.com we take fraud very seriously. Because of this, we have implemented fraud prevention methods to protect consumers who have had their card information or identity stolen. All orders must have the correct billing address and card CVN or "security code" to be processed. Any orders that do not meet both of these criteria will be immediately canceled by the system and cannot be processed further. Orders containing equipment or appliances will be subject to additional scrutiny and may require additional verification. We reserve the right to cancel any order that we believe to be suspicious activity.

Disclaimers & Liabilities

This site and any information or content on this site is provided "as is." While we make every effort to ensure that the information displayed on Affordableled.com is accurate, we cannot guarantee that all product descriptions are completely accurate or error-free. Affordableled.com does not claim that the information contained within this site is appropriate to your jurisdiction or that the product described will be available at the time of your purchase.

Social Media

Affordableled.com uses various social media platforms to communicate with fans and customers. These social media sites include but are not limited to our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, multi-media and news media sites, or other related platforms. By accessing, viewing, sharing and posting any comments, opinions or contents on Affordableled.com’s social media channels, you accept without limitation or qualification the terms of use for those sites.


Any customer who engages in promotion abuse and breaks the terms of service will be subject to canceled orders and account termination. We also reserve the right to cancel any order and terminate accounts for abusing the following: system errors, returns, and damaged shipments.


If we believe you have breached the terms of use of this site, Affordableled.com reserves the right to terminate your right to access our website with or without notice.