Neon Sign vs LED Sign

Know Why LED Signs are Better Than Neon Signs:

Most, if not all businesses require lighted signage. In today's fast and furious race to the top, having the most colorful and the most creative business signs is a surefire way of getting noticed. Although not all signage are created equal, using LED signs is definitely a better alternative than using neon signs.

Why switch from Neon Sign to LED sign?

>> LED signs are brighter than neon signs, they are more noticeable!
>> LED signs are more energy efficient, it consumes up to 90% less electricity than neon signs!
>> LED signs last up to 100,000 hours of usage
>> LED signs do not dim instantly; neon signs do, no negative effect on your business when lights go off!
>> LED signs are great for indoor use and perfect for window advertisement
>> LED signs do not use mercury, it will never leak poisonous gasses
>> LED signs are very easy to maintain
>> LED signs have more color options available
>> LED signs are more affordable than comparable neon signs

And lastly,

>> LED signs incorporate movement in their designs. It can flash, change colors, animate in many ways, and even have graphics!

Embrace technology and move on with the times as LED signs have come to replace the neon sign technology. LED signs are the future of window advertisement. Make the switch and let LED signs offer you endless possibilities.